The Well-Outfitted Fly Fisher

Cartoon of the Well-Outfitted Fly Fisherman I saw on the tiny spring-fed Crane Creek in Missouri.

Whenever I think of the well-outfitted fly fisher, I think back to the tiny spring-fed Crane Creek in Missouri. As I understand it, this stream has rainbow trout that were stocked only once back 1897. All the rainbows in it until this day have been born and bred in this little stream.

When I fished it at the city park, two things stood out 

First was how small it was, varying between two and six feet wide. It was so small I just fished it in my shorts and sandals from the shore, behind a bush when I could find one. It wasn’t really big enough to hold both me and the fish. 

Second was how big three trout holding in the pool were. I would guess 18 inches long at a minimum. I don’t have an accurate measurement because they were way too spooky for me to get a good enough presentation.

As I was fishing this stream, a guy pulled up in his Jeep Cherokee, got out, and started getting dressed for fishing

Yes, he was a well-outfitted fly fisher. He put so much effort into his gear you would have thought he was going out to a 5-star restaurant.

After he finished dressing to the nines in waders up to his chest, a 20-pound fishing vest with every acroutrement possible, sunglasses, and A River Runs Through It hat, he proceeded to march right down to the stream and plow into a little three-foot wide section. It was barely wide enough for him to stand it, but he did it anyway. The water came up to just below his knees.

Next he proceeded to let loose a twenty foot cast upstream

I watched him for a while, but I knew how spooky the fish had been, and they sure weren’t going to stand for this intruder. 

I left him to his tiny empire and walked downstream to catch some small 8-inch rainbows in beautiful spring spawning colors.

© Philip Riggs 2014