Sneaking out to go fishing

Cartoon of fly fisherman caught trying to sneak out to go fishing asking "Me? Nowhere."

Life is a balance of your needs and others' expectations

There’s the unending house chore list, job demands, and on and on. So how do we find the time to get out to the stream?

I’ve found the least successful method is trying to sneak out.

A better method is to get a list of chores, get them done during the week, say where you’re going the night before, then wake up early in the morning before anybody else can put more stuff on your list.

Even better, find a buddy to go fishing with

Then say you need some time to socialize with the other guys. That socialization need has been better understood by my wife, and seems to be more highly valued in her mind than “just fishing”.

The worst way is to spring your great idea on your significant other with little time before. That has never ended up well for me.

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