Catching the After-Work Hatch

Cartoon of fly fisherman running out of work to go fishing, with a computer dragging behind him caught on his foot.

Have you ever sat at work, impatiently waiting for the workday to end, so you can get out on the stream?

That was the idea behind this cartoon. Jake has been sitting at the computer, doing his thing all day. Now it’s time to break free and get out on the stream as fast as he can.

He’s so focused and excited he didn’t even notice the computer mouse cord tangled on his shoe. 

Actually, this takes me back to the days when I worked at Environmental Resources Management (ERM) in Denver, Colorado

In late spring I’d sit in the office all week watching the weather all week. I couldn’t wait until the weekend to get up to the little streams in Rocky Mountain National Park. The weather was warm and sunny every day.

But as soon as Friday morning rolled around, dark clouds would form. In the afternoon the rain would start. So much for my sunny day fishing. Then it would rain all weekend, dampening my mood. 

I so much wanted to get out of the flourescent light and into the natural sunlight in the mountians that the rain would completely disappoint me. The cloudy weather and rain would put me in a funk all weekend. I didn’t feel like getting out and doing anything.

But as soon as Monday morning came around, the clouds and rain would be gone and sunshine would be back.

I wasted way too many days back then stuck in an office with no way to get out during the sunny days.

© Philip Riggs 2014