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Why tying weighted nymphs with bead heads—and avoiding weighting with lead wire—makes fly tying and fishing simpler

When I was growing up, I remember Levi’s having only one choice when it came to jeans. We went in, found the correct size, paid for them, and were done.

Then Levi’s came out with all those different numbers and fits. Suddenly overwhelmed with choice, what were we supposed to buy? You could spend hours trying on all the different versions. I didn’t like spending hours confused by so many choices.

So, I simplified jeans shopping by buying only one style and fit, and have kept it the same for the past twelve years. …

Want to improve your flies? Three tricks for developing professional-level fly tying skills

Getting married, having kids, and working a full-time job had put a big dent in my fly tying and fishing time. Luckily I had enough flies tied from my days as a single for the times I could go fishing.

Even though it had been a long time since I had tied a fly, you can’t keep a dog from a bone for long. As the kids got older—and my time became freer—I was ready to dive into fly tying again. But by then my skills were rusty. I turned out some really rough looking-flies.

Now, that may or may not bother the fish. …

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